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The Bush Split-screen 9/11 Video

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The Bush Split-screen 9/11 Video

by Mugsy

Publication date 2004
Publisher Outlaw Web Designs
Digitizing sponsor The Bush in 30 Seconds Archive
On the morning of 9/11/01, while visiting a 3rd grade classroom in Florida, President Bush received news that a second plane had hit Tower-2 of the World Trade Center in New York City after learning that a hijacked plane had hit the first tower 20 minutes earlier.

Upon learning the news, the Commander-in-Chief, rather than excuse himself to find out more and take the necessary action, instead made the Command decision that the best use of his time was to sit in a classroom surrounded by children for another seven minutes while hundreds lie dying in the WTC and two additional hijacked planes were still unaccounted for.
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Reviewer: mysticx0 - favorite - March 30, 2010
Subject: LOL
ah, man you Bush-bashers are such a pathetic lot.

what would be different right now had Bush left that classroom?



yeah, i didnt think you could answer that. you just want something to whine about.

what if he had been on a plane? where would you be crying about him not going to? what if he was in a meeting with some head of state? what if he was on the golf course, like obama likes to do so much (hes already golfed more than bush in his first 4 years)? should bush have ran off the golf course? really not much you can do on a plane or in a car...or in a classroom.

he left the class, got into a car and then on a plane. those 7 minutes would not have changed a thing.

not to mention most of you idiots probably believe bush did it all anyway.
Reviewer: Donald Kehoty - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 29, 2010
Subject: Coward, not a leader
Bush didn't do anything because no one told him what to do.
And if you look into his darting, beady little eyes you can see him thinking, "Will they get me here? Am I safe here?"
Follow the Katrina timeline as well. Bush was eating cake and playing a guitar while Americans were drowning.
He only cares about GWB, period.
Reviewer: atheken - favorite - November 18, 2004
Subject: Garbage.
The argument about how the president handled himself is invalid. What action could have been taken in the SEVEN minutes that would have prevented the events from taking place? How would any leader have reacted? Probably in the same manner. If anyone is making arguments based on Fahrenheit 9/11 - I suggest they also view Fahrenhype which addresses these arguments, then make a decision about how you feel the president has conducted himself. In either case, this is not the forum for making your political arguments.
Reviewer: Mugsy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 16, 2004
Subject: The Context...
"Character is not made in a crisis it is only exhibited."
- Robert Freeman

On the morning of September 11, 2001, President Bush was scheduled to appear at "Booker T. Washington Elementary" in Sarasota, Florida, for a photo-op regarding a third-grade class reading program. On route to the elementary, the President was informed that a hijacked commercial airliner had crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, killing all on board and setting Tower-1 ablaze in jet fuel.

President Bush chose to continue on with his photo-opportunity.

A few minutes upon his entering the classroom, he is told by his Chief-of-Staff that the second plane in 20 minutes has struck the second tower. There was no longer any question that this was not a terrible accident, but in fact an act of war. We were under attack by an unknown enemy.

President Bush's decision was to remain in a classroom full of children and do nothing for another seven minutes.

It is often said that the true nature of a man is revealed in times of crisis. We here at BI30 could not agree more and have thus put together the following video:

The Bush Split-screen 9/11 Video

You will find the link on our homepage and we encourage you to pass it on: The "Bush in 30 Seconds" Archive.

Wage Peace. -*- Mugsy -*-
Reviewer: khaotic - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 8, 2004
Subject: Leadership
You want to know what was expected of Bush after he was told that a second plane hit the twin towers?

He should have nicely excused himself and told the class, the teacher, and onlooking media, that he has an urgent matter he must attend to.

That's it. No one is saying he should have broken down crying, freaked out, tore away his flesh, etc.

People are asking why the hell he didn't do what a president should do ... leave and lead the county. He didn't do it.

To top that off he later said that he remembered watching the television before he entered the class room and watched the plan hit the tower. You remember ... the infamous "that's one terrible pilot," quote. There was no TV and the video of the first plane hitting the twin towers didn't surface until later that day.

So what, right? ... he had a brain fart. He saw it later and thought he saw it before he went into the classroom, no big deal ... right?

Well ... that brain fart must have stayed w/ the Dubya because he repeated the same thing in a separate interview that used to be posted on the site from my understanding.

This guy has no credibility left. He should get out while most of the Nation is willing to forget it happen.

If Dubya is reelected then the world will cease to give America a pass.

Look for more countries to join the European Union, for Tony Blair to be booted out of his position, and for many in the EU to push for a United States of Europe.

The U.S.E. will push to equal or surpass the U.S.'s military strength.

Don't expect the rest of the world to sit idle while the U.S. uses the "war on terror" to cover war profiteering.

If you don't know about the PNAC then look it up. You'll learn that 8 individuals from that group were appointed to high level positions in the administration. They have a lot of power.

Their doctrine is a watered down version of the Wolfowitz Doctrine and that is to take down any country that could pose a future threat to the U.S. It doesn't mean that a country w/ some power needs to actually threaten the U.S. or bomb us, they only need to exist. The word "defend" will be tossed around, but it's a joke.

The Wolfowitz doctrine was radicial even by most Republican standards and most rejected it ... now it's back in the form of PNAC high level appointees and a Patriot Act that many didn't even read before they voted to pass it.

If Republicans want to save their party then boot the NeoCons and Freepers out. Even the son of Pres. Eisenhower has turned against the NeoCons because they don't reflect the Republican party.

Save your party or we could end up facing certain world rebellion or even a possible second U.S. civil war.

People ... it's time to wave the flag and quit wearing it over your heads.

Reviewer: David von Danemark - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 7, 2004
Subject: Fahrenheit 9-11: 9/11 Edition
this documentary was done the exact same way that mr moore did his - a side by side comparison of what is going on at what time. after watching this, you wonder why the president just stat there the whole time...
Reviewer: semicolon - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 1, 2004
Subject: Bush and 9/11 Video
I cannot believe how Mr. Bush can just sit there for 7 minutes while he is being told that the US is under attack.
I for sure know that he isn't my president and that he is definitely NOT representing me.
A serious mistake in judgement made by Republican voters in 2000 election.
Reviewer: The_Urge - favorite - September 30, 2004
Subject: Just another stupid anti-Bush movie
I'm sure the Secret Service had nothing to do with him staying put for a couple of minutes while they secured an exit for him. If you don't like Bush I'm sure that you will like it.
Reviewer: Born_Again_Dead - favorite - September 28, 2004
Subject: Presidential Freak Out
I suppose it would have been better for Bush to jump up and run out yelling "Oh My God! We're all going to die!" Or better yet, like a true war mongerer he should have smiled and said "Now we get to justify some real killing..Yee-Haw!" Or would the sensitive folks prefered him to get real solemn, produce tears and "share our pain". There is no correct response, except to maybe trust the people he had in position to react to this type of situation and basically stay out of the way until he was needed. Whatever his reaction was it still would have been second guessed, probably by the same people. But freaking out in front of the school kids and media would sure have been fun! :)
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